Polska Szkoła Przedmiotów Ojczystych im. Tomasza Arciszewskiego

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Our school is one of the oldest in London- it has been working continuously in the same place since 1950!

Our aim is to bring Poland closer to our pupils by linking teaching of Polish language with Polish historical and cultural heritage. In such a way learning does not only bring measurable benefits but is also attractive and enjoyable. We bring our kids up in love with Poland so they can keep  relationships with their homeland and feel proud of it, especially, as immigrants.

Education in our school includes primary I-X classes, secondary class X (GCSE) and two high classes (AS and A2).  We teach Polish language from year 1 to 12 additionally, history and geography of Poland in year V and above.

We offer various after school activities such as: scouts, speech therapy and art club. Every year a selected group of children takes part in Wierszowisko (Festival of Polish poetry for children). Around Christmas time we make sure that our kids are actively involved in Christmas plays.

Thanks to professional teachers, dedicated volunteers, hardworking students as well as helpful parents, we provide a high level of education, which results in excellent exam grades every single year.