Polska Szkoła Przedmiotów Ojczystych im. Tomasza Arciszewskiego

Laxton Hall 2015

For the first time our school went on a trip to Laxton Hall to celebrate Children’s Day. A team of kids, parents and teachers represented our school in Laxton.

Although, we had to leave early in the morning we stayed positive. Equipped with rain coats, food, and good attitudes we were eager to take part in all the attractions of Laxton.

The day was exhausting but we couldn’t complain as everyone had fun. On the way back, despite the tiredness,  we all sang songs!

A big THANK YOU to all the parents, who did not only help to look after children and  put up the gazebo but also took many pictures commemorating the wonderful moments.

We also want to say Thank you to The Polish Educational Society for organising such a wonderful party!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      2015-06-20 15.40.28


2015-06-20 17.40.02 HDR    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA